About me

I'm a mobile + web developer and designer from NY and a student at Brown University. I've worked at Square, Apple and Foursquare, but I mostly build stuff on my own.

Hack@Brown 2016 Design

Led the design team for the Hack@Brown hackathon and on-campus workshops.


A hack on top of OS X Spotlight to add a custom search results for natural-language queries.


Like a mouse, but with your phone.


A web app for creating multiple-choice tests, and an iOS app for automatically grading them using computer vision.


An app for creating moving images and GIFs on iOS.

Augmented-Reality Table

A wooden table that detects objects placed upon it and projects interactive visuals on its surface.


A simple hack that adds memorable shortcuts for typing emoji into any OS X text field.


A quick voice messenger for iOS. Just raise the phone to your ear and speak.


An iOS app for swapping faces between photos.

Anagram Machine

An iOS app for finding anagrams of any word.


Instantly create a landing page for an iOS app based on App Store metadata. Reached the top spot on Product Hunt. Apparently, quite a few people used this to create websites for their apps.


Rather than imagining what good design is like in virtual reality, how about imaging what the worst design might look like? An exploration of VR design in three.js for Google Cardboard.


A concept game where players fly a spaceship between infinite randomly-generated planets.


A Javascript library for dynamically-animating ASCII art graphics on the web.

Keys to Success

A fake DJ Khaled snap generator.


A simple Reddit browser for iPhone and iPad.

the Ratty App

An app and widget for browsing the menu of Brown's main dining hall.

Second Draft

Conceptual branding for a hypothetical service that uses machine learning to "smooth over" and sanitize ideologically charged news articles.


An experimental social network that lets users design their own social networks, for RISD's Computer Utopias course.


A fast dialer based on machine learning.

This Day in History

Births, deaths and important historical events for every day of the year.

Brown Wifi Visualization

A D3.js visualization of how crowded various study spaces are, based on wifi usage.